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“We can amplify a message to our social community but when our customers talk about a positive experience they've had with us online, it's even more powerful" Jo Boundy, Head of digital

"Managing the social media profiles for our stores was a difficult task until we started using Local Measure, which allows us to engage with customers on a store-by-store basis. The feedback we receive from our customers is so valuable in future planning to ensure that we continue to provide the best experiences" Domenico Lopresti, CEO

“We’ve found many social media management tools to be extremely labour intensive but after only a short trial of Local Measure we found it to be a simple and intuitive piece of software. We love seeing the posts our guests share online”. Andy El-Bayeh, Marketing Manager

“At the end of the day, Local Measure helps us gain a more holistic view of our customers across all communication channels, and in turn, we’re able to extract valuable insights to make more informed business decisions” Paul Fischmann, Managing Director

“Art Series Hotel Group are focused on providing unique and inspired experiences for our guests. Local Measure provides us with an effective tool that helps us personalise and exceed the expectations of our guests stay, rewarding them for sharing their experience on social media.” Beckie Mitchell, Communications Manager

What is Local Measure?

Local Measure is a real time, location-based customer intelligence tool that shows you what your consumers are saying publicly on social media. Not only does Local Measure reveal who your customers are and what they are speaking about, but it also provides easy tools to engage with and immediately respond to the feedback of those people who are most loyal to your company.

Local Measure allocates public social media posts and the customer profiles to your relevant business outlet. So take a chain of restaurants, for instance. Local Measure will surface all the feedback, photos of food and comments relating to each individual store. It will allow front-line staff to respond quickly to customers and head office to maintain visibility over all the branches.

Our Customers

Local Measure is currently helping customers in a range of industries. We count large theme parks, event stadiums, restaurants, bars, fast food chains, shopping malls, hotels, airports and airlines as our valued customers.

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How it's different

Traditional social media monitoring works by searching social media sites for posts that mention your business by name. Local Measure’s unique location-based social media monitoring works by alerting you to what people are saying while they’re actually at your location– as well as all the other posts that mention you by name.

Your customers spend 25% of their time on social media

Research shows people on average spend 25% of their time online using social media – commenting, posting and reading friends’ posts. Are you listening to what your customers are posting and saying about your outlets and locations on social media?

Unlock valuable customer insights

Local Measure will reveal surprising insights into the likes, dislikes, wants and needs of your best and most loyal customers helping you increase sales and improve client retention. This unique tool allows you to highlight customers who visit most frequently or who are the most socially influential. It enables you to drill down to see every post and feedback at all of your outlets in order to help you understand the customers’ journey and their interaction with your brand.

Increase sales and customer retention

Our location-based social media monitoring tool is a window into what your customers think of your product and service. You can use this information to tweak your promotions and business model in real time and in the front- line to instantly increase satisfaction, sales and profits.

Here’s what you’ll see

Monitor Real-time Chatter:

See how many people are posting and reading about your business on social media in real time.

Get Social Insights:

See how many people are posting publicly about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram when on your premises.

Gain Customer Insights:

Discover demographic information about your customers across social media.

Find Your Top Customers:

Find out which customers regularly visit your business and post about it on social media.

Breakdown of Twitter Mentions:

See all the most recent tweets about your business grouped together in one view. Also see what your customers are saying about your competitors.

Compare Across Locations:

Compare social activity across multiple locations to understand which locations generate the most social buzz.

Automated reporting

Local Measure offers automated daily email reporting or weekly summaries so that you get the information you need to run your business more efficiently. Use Local Measure to:

Collect Customer Insights To Improve Your Business.

Employ the information gathered to improve your business. For instance, you might discover which products customers most often talk about or where your service might need tweaking.

Keep In Touch With Your Most Loyal Customers.

Start conversations with top patrons. You could offer them special offers or exclusive experiences.

Respond Promptly To Customer Complaints.

Take quick action to address customer feedback either virtually (via using Local Measure) or in person while the customer is still on the premises.

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